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MSE Database


 April 24, Monday
TCAP EOC and Grades 6-8 Make-Up Testing
 April 25, Tuesday
TCAP EOC ENG I-II-III Part 2-3 TCAP Grades 6-8 Math Part 1
 April 26, Wednesday
TCAP EOC ENG I-II-III Part 4 and TCAP Grades 6-8 Math Part 2-3
 April 27, Thursday
TCAP EOC U.S. History Part 2-3 and TCAP Grades 6-8 Science Part 1-2
 April 28, Friday
TCAP Grades 6-8 Social Studies Part 1 and EOC Make-Up
 May 1, Monday
TCAP EOC Algebra I-II, Geometry Part 1 (No Calculator)
 May 2, Tuesday
TCAP EOC Algebra I-II Part 2-3 (Calculator)
 May 3, Wednesday
TCAP EOC Geometry Part 2-3 and AP Literature
 May 4, Thursday
TCAP EOC Biology and Chemistry
 May 5, Friday
EOC Make-UP and AP U.S. History
 May 23, Tuesday
End of 4th Quarter, last Day for Students (1/2 day), Admin for Teachers
 May 24, Wednesday
Admin Summer Workshop (8:00-4:00)
 May 25, Thursday
Admin Summer Workshop (8:00-4:00)
 May 26, Friday
Admin Summer Workshop (8:00-4:00)
 May 29, Monday
Admin Summer Workshop (8:00-4:00)

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